On Sunday, ZEE TV aired the second episode of “Break Through The Crowd,” revealing the final crowdsourcing round contestants to advance to the next phase. The brand new reality show follows the journeys of eight entrepreneurs, who are all competing for a chance to turn their business dreams into a reality by pitching their ideas to some of the sharpest minds in business.

On the series premiere last week, three aspiring entrepreneurs- David and Jenni De Pola of Jump Drum; Kish and Vanessa Vasnani of Nomad Lane; and Om Kundu of Inspirave secured their spots in phase two of “Break Through The Crowd,” leaving room for just two more contestants. The three edged out Adrienne Meisels, Co-Founder of MyPlanit. On this week’s episode, the remaining four hopefuls must wow the judges with their business pitches in order to advance to the next round. In the end, only one contestant will “break through the crowd” and walk away with a team of prestigious marketing and crowdfunding gurus.

Early into the season, viewers already know that judges Sandy, Nick, Ramit and Alan are not afraid to tell it how it is and their brutally-honest feedback is meant to help contestants perfect their pitches, where every word counts. On Sunday’s episode of “Break Through The Crowd,” we hear from Vikram Chopra of Gift Jeenie; Prakash and Lakshmi Hosalli of Akila Labs; Kyle Tysvaer of Steal My Wedding Day; and Sachin Narode of Emangoz.

Vikram, a Canadian-born startup veteran, is no stranger to the art of a business pitch. Before coming up with the concept for Gift Jeenie, Vikram helped to launch multiple start-up companies – and he had the confidence to back it up. He impressed judges with his enthusiastically comprehensive pitch for Gift Jennie. The mobile app, which already has 6,000 downloads, was designed to help users tell their loved ones what they really want – and even features a cash back program. Despite his upbeat delivery, the judges were still not convinced that Gift Jeenie was an original idea.

Prakash and Lakshmi came to the judges with a pitch for a product designed to help prevent diabetes. The noble cause is near and dear to the hearts of this caring couple, which has been married for 23 years, as Lakshmi herself is pre-diabetic. At a high-risk of developing diabetes herself, Lakshmi helped to create Akila Labs – artificial intelligence designed to detect triggers for the disease. While the judges were moved by the couple’s efforts to make a positive change in the world, they worried that their grand business concept was just too new. They also expressed concern with Akila Lab’s $10 app download price point, which the judges noted would be a major financial burden on the already-struggling diabetes demographic.

Kyle, creator of Steal My Wedding Day, was eager about his business concept, but unlike Vikram, his delivery seriously lacked confidence. While his pitch kicked-off on a high note and started off strong, mid-way through, Kyle got a little flustered and choked up. His shy and timid personality overshadowed his pitch for Steal My Wedding Day – an app which helps its users save money in the event of a wedding cancellation, all while connecting other customers to venues looking to fill space. The judges all agreed that Kyle’s idea was original, but worried it didn’t appeal to a large market. They were also concerned that his lack of confidence could come across as a lack of faith in the product to future investors.

Sachin presented the judges his sweet idea for a mango business that also helps farming families. His company, Emangoz, helps bring some of the freshest, juiciest mangos, sourced straight for family-owned farms of India, right to your doorstep. Boasting half-a-million in sales last year, Sachin wooed the judges with his sincerity and showed them that he is truly a businessman with heart. They loved that Sachin never took a profit in sales from Emangoz, but worried that his business model just might not be investable.

Deliberations ensued, and Sandy, Nick, Ramit and Alan were tasked with the difficult challenge of narrowing down the next four contestants to just two, who will join “Break Through The Crowd’s” series premiere finalists. Ultimately, the judges felt as though Prakash and Lakshmi’s Akila Labs was too early in its lifecycle to break into the next phase of the competition. They echoed in these sentiments for Kyle, who they felt just didn’t have the confidence in his business to take it to the next level.

As the first phase of “Break Through The Crowd” concludes, only Vikram and Sachin were able to prove to the judges that they had the business chops necessary for the cut-throat world of business. Vikram and Sachin join Kish & Vanessa, David & Jenni and Om Kundu as the remaining five entrepreneurs entering into phase two.

Tune in next week, on Sunday, October 28, to see them put it all on the line on Break Through The Crowd, airing exclusively on ZEE TV.

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