Contestants Critique Each Other’s Business Concepts on Episode 3

On this week’s episode of “Break Through The Crowd,” airing exclusively on ZEE TV, the remaining semi-finalists were given an opportunity to rework their pitches and their business models. While some of the contestants were eager to hear ideas on how to improve their concepts, others found it difficult to budge. Only five entrepreneurs were able to advance to this phase of the show for a chance to turn their business dreams into a reality.

Episode 3 kicked-off with a round table discussion with judge Alan Brody, CEO of Convean and Founder of Blockchain Breakthroughs, with feedback on their initial pitches. Each of the semi-finalist entrepreneur had the opportunity to ask Alan for advice on how to improve their pitches and business models to make it more appealing to investors. For Sachin, the judges worried Emangoz would not be a sustainable business since mangos are only in-season for two months of the year. For Kish and Vanessa, the judges were concerned that Nomad Land was not unique enough and it wouldn’t profit the investors much. For Om, who had one of the weakest pitches, the judges had trouble seeing Inspirave to profit. Lastly, for David and Jenni, the judges feared that JumpDrum was too expensive and catered to a market that was too niche.

Before making their way onto “Break Through The Crowd,” all of the contestants seemed convinced that they had million-dollar ideas. But as Alan pointed out, “having a good idea does not mean people will spend money on it.” To make sure his message was loud and clear, he asked each of the semi-finalists to prepare a written business plan. Under the impression they would be judged on their presentations, the entrepreneurs spent hours putting together neatly printed plans the night before. In a cutaway interview, Vikram even says he was up until 2 a.m. working on it. But Vikram and his fellow peers were about to be in for a rude awakening. Immediately after handing in their plans, Alan takes the stack of papers and throws them right into the trash.

Episode 3 of “Break Through The Crowd” was a real turning point for the contestants, who were now equipped with the expert advice necessary to “find the right words and the right hook” for a brand-new, reworked 60-second pitch. But if Alan’s comically dramatic statement was not enough to convince them that their business models were flawed, the contestants were in for yet another surprise. In an interesting turn of events, Alan has the semi-finalists judge one another’s business ideas and offer constructive criticism.

“They just can’t see how their pitch looks from the outside,” Alan tells viewers in a cutaway scene. With each of the entrepreneurs faced with their own specific series of challenges, Alan hoped a peer review would help contestants see their products from a completely different perspective.

This proved to be strategic breakthrough for most of the semi-finalists. Kish and Vanessa were shocked to hear their peers would only be willing to pay $15 to $50 for a travel accessory kit, but it gave them important insight about Nomad Lane. David and Jenni had a similar breakthrough after hearing the other contestants say they would rather rent Jump Drum or pay for a Jump Drum class at a gym.

The contestants also gained some important insight about ways they can change their business models so that they are more appealing to consumer. After learning that his peers would be willing to pay up to twice as much for high-quality mangos sourced from a farm, Sachin warmed up to the idea of importing other high-quality fruits into the mix. Even Vikram, who has had measurable success with other startups, learned a thing or two after hearing his colleagues’ suggestions about focusing on Gift Jeenie’s ability to “take the guessing out of gift giving.”

Audiences could see that Vikram, Sachin, David and Jenni were coming to terms with the fact that their business models needed some work, even though it was a hard pill to swallow at-first. The only contestant who continued to be resistant to changing his business model was Om. Both his peers and the judges expressed that users looking to save money for a vacation or getaways should be Inspirave’s target market, but he still had a difference of opinion.

Tune in next week, on Sunday, November 4, to see if the contestants are willing to make the changes necessary to advance to the next round and ultimately, “Break Through The Crowd.”

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