The real competition has only just begun.

On this week’s episode of “Break Through The Crowd,” airing exclusively on ZEE TV, the remaining finalists hear from leading experts and start gearing up for the last face-off – a crowdsourcing challenge. After beating out some fierce competition over the first half of the season, only Vikram of Gift Jennie; and Kishore and Vanessa of Nomad Lane; are still in the running to “break through the crowd.”

This week, three prestigious experts – and a big-name special guest – join the show’s cast as mentors to the remaining finalists. Experts Ryan Foland, an international keynote speaker and Managing Partner of InflueneTree; Justin Wu, a blockchain community influencer and co-founder of BlockchainNW; Leonard Kim, co-author of the upcoming book “Leverage the Surprising Power of the Real You for Greater Success,” and Managing Partner of Influence Tree; were enlisted to help the remaining two entrepreneurial groups launch their crowdsourcing campaigns.

Viewers were in for a real treat with this week’s episode, where the competition takes an interesting turn. Unlike other business competition reality shows, “Break Through The Crowd” doesn’t end after contestants pitch investors. The show gives viewers an honest glimpse at the often tumultuous journey of building a business – after the curtain closes. Over the course of the first four episodes of the show, Vikram, Kishore and Vanessa fought tooth and nail to prove their businesses have the juice make it to the last round – only to learn the success of a crowdfunding campaign has little to do with the product itself.

With the help of the leading marketing experts, the finalists began to strategize for the final challenge and set their initial fundraising goals. Kishore and Vanessa of Nomad Lane will attempt to raise a modest $50,000; while Vikram of Gift Jennie aimed high with a target of $1 million – despite being cautioned his goal might be unrealistic for such a short time frame.

The finalists also honed in on their “three-sentence pitch” – this time geared toward the general masses. Foland, a communications expert, advised Vikram, Kishore and Vanessa to use the“3-1-3 system,” where they identify the “highest-level problem” their product solves, offer a solution to the problem, and target their intended audiences.

“You can have the best idea in the world, but if you can’t communicate it clearly, and in a short amount of time, you’re going to lose your audience,” Ryan Foland explained to the finalists.

Surprise guest Mark Gold also made a guest appearance on episode 5, where he sat down with Vikram to offer some pointers before the launch of his crowdfunding campaign. Gold, an award-winning, highly reputable marketer, advised the startup veteran to take a traditional approach by tapping into existing network for the final crowdfunding challenge.

In anticipation of the final two episodes of the season,“Break Through The Crowd” viewers were also left on a major cliffhanger. Kishore and Vanessa were once again warned about the risks of manufacturing their travel accessories in China. The Nomad Lane duo will need a sample of their product before their campaign launch, but were not able to get a hold of their manufacturer on account of the Chinese New Year. Sandy Wollman, previously the Judge of the show, urged Kishore and Vanessa to look for a local manufacturer, but the couple ultimately decided they weren’t comfortable spending 10 to 15 times more to have their product manufactured in the U.S.

Tune in next week, on Sunday, November 11, to see the top two finalists – Vikram of Gift Jennie; and Kishore and Vanessa of Nomad Lane, kick-off their crowdfunding campaigns on “Break Through The Crowd.”

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