On this week’s episode of “Break Through The Crowd,” airing exclusively on ZEE Americas, the two remaining entrepreneurs fine tune their business strategies ahead of the final crowdsourcing challenge. After beating out some fierce competition over the first half of the season, only Vikram of Gift Jennie; and Kishore and Vanessa of Nomad Lane; will launch their crowdsourcing campaigns for their chance to “break through the crowd.”

Week after week, “Break Through The Crowd” viewers have been following the journeys of their favorite entrepreneurs compete in a series of challenges designed to thin the herd. With guidance from a blunt panel of investors, big name mentors and leading marketing experts, only the entrepreneurs behind Gift Jennie and Nomad Lane have advanced to this final phase of the competition. In the end, just one group will walk away with a team of prestigious marketing and crowdfunding experts.

Unlike other business competition reality shows, “Break Through The Crowd” doesn’t end after hopefuls pitch to the investors. Throughout the course of the season, ZEE Americas has been dedicated to giving viewers an honest portrayal at the often tumultuous journey of building a business – after the curtain closes. Much like the real cut throat world of business, “Break Through The Crowd” entrepreneurs have had to overcome unexpected hurdles. This theme was front and center on this week’s episode, where both finalists were presented with unique issues ahead of the final crowdsourcing challenge.

In anticipation for the launch of Gift Jeenie’s campaign, this week, Vikram focused his energy into launching the second version of the Gift Jeenie app, all while trying to gain momentum through media coverage that will put his business on the map. Despite some initial concerns from expert Ryan Foland, Vikram stayed firm on his sky high fundraising goal of $1 million. The startup veteran from Canada must now see to it that he lays down the groundwork for a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Since the very beginning of the show, Vikram established himself as the man to beat, having already enjoyed entrepreneurial success through various tech projects. His background in business, along with his confident demeanor, gave a significant edge over the first half of the season. And with just one more episode to go, viewers are probably not all surprised to see Vikram was able to ease his way into the finals.

Hoping to kick-off his campaign on the best possible foot, Vikram started to pitch reporters in an effort to build credibility before the final crowdfunding challenge. Much to his surprise, initially, there was little interest from top-tier media outlets. Even with the help of a mentor at his accelerator program, 20/20 Ventures, Vikram struggled to attract the attention is notable publications. It wasn’t until Break Through The Crowd” experts Ryan Foland and Leonard Kim stepped in to lend Vikram a hand that the entrepreneur landed an interview with Forbes.

After being gifted with such a high-profile media opportunity, Vikram still had one last task to check off his list – to have an updated version of his app ready before the campaign launch. On Sunday’s episode, we saw the entrepreneur make frantic calls back to his team in Toronto, putting pressure on his developers to ensure Gift Jeenie 2.0 was in the pipeline before the final challenge. Though it looked as though Gift Jennie 2.0 may have been sidetracked after a software and database glitch, luckily his team was able to work their way around the bug without losing valuable app data, finally putting Vikram’s concerns to rest.

Kishore and Vanessa were similarly at-risk of being veered off-course on this week’s episode. Despite multiple warnings about the risks of manufacturing their travel accessories in China, the Nomad Lane duo decided they weren’t comfortable spending 10 to 15 times more to have their product manufactured in the U.S. Last week, the couple was tasked with securing a sample of their travel accessory case, but was not able to get a hold of their manufacturer on account of the Chinese New Year.

To ensure they had a product to showcase ahead of the campaign launch, Kishore had to pack his bags and fly out to China, where he would oversee production and bring home a sample. Much to his relief, Kishore was able to meet with the manufacturer and view two different Nomad Lane samples. While he had some minor issues with the samples, including stitching, the size of the logo and material flexibility, overall, he was thrilled was the results. While they could have avoided this setback, Kishore and Vanessa’s quick thinking salvaged their crowdfunding campaign.

There’s just one more episode to go before a winner is declared. Tune in next week, on Sunday, November 25th, to see the top two finalists – Vikram of Gift Jennie; and Kishore and Vanessa of Nomad Lane, go head-to-head on the season finale of “Break Through The Crowd.”

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