Vikram of Gift Jeenie, Kishore and Vanessa of Nomad Lane Go Head-to-Head in the Final Crowdfunding Challenge

A winner has broken through the crowd.

Week after week, “Break Through The Crowd” viewers have been following the journeys of their favorite entrepreneurs compete in a series of challenges designed to thin the herd. With guidance from a blunt panel of investors, big name mentors and leading marketing experts, only the entrepreneurs behind Gift Jennie and Nomad Lane advanced to the final phase of the competition.

On the season finale of “Break Through The Crowd,” airing exclusively on ZEE Americas, a winner emerges after the two remaining entrepreneurs kicked-off their crowdfunding campaigns. After beating out some fierce competition over the first half of the season, only Vikram of Gift Jennie; and Kishore and Vanessa of Nomad Lane; went head-to-head for their chance to win a team of prestigious marketing and crowdfunding gurus.

Last week, viewers saw Vikram struggle with marketing Gift Jeenie and getting the next generation of the app launched before the final challenge. Kishore and Vanessa also struggled ahead of Nomad Lane’s campaign launch, having experienced issues with securing a prototype of their travel accessory. After hashing out their respective business problems, the finalists were finally ready for their crowdsourcing challenge.

With the help of Jonathan Whittaker, a video expert and professor at New York Film Academy, Vikram of Gift Jennie; and Kishore and Vanessa of Nomad Lane; produced their marketing videos. Whittaker stressed the importance of Kishore and Vanessa being the principal characters in their marketing video; while Vikram used social media influencers to market Gift Jeenie. After spending two months working on their business pitch and models, it was finally time to see the last entrepreneurs standing face-off.

On episode 5, Kishore and Vanessa set their fundraising goal at a modest $25,000, while Vikram of Gift Jeenie aimed high with a goal of $100,000, which he brought down from an unrealistic $1 million goal. Kishore and Vanessa opted to use the crowdsourcing website Indiegogo for their campaign, and Vikram decided on the StartEngine platform. In the end, a clear winner would emerge.

After launching their crowdfunding campaign for Nomad Lane, Kishore and Vanessa raised a whopping $925,000 – well over their $25,000 goal. While Vikram didn’t raise nearly as much as his competition, he did raise an impressive $23,000 through his campaign, which was live for just 10 days before the big reveal. Though it would seem as though a victory for Kishore and Vanessa was a sure thing, the judges still had to evaluate each of their overall performances to see if they had taken all the advice they’ve been given throughout the course of the series to heart.

While Kishore was busy overseas in China to ensure production for Nomad Lane was off to a good start, Vanessa and Vikram sat down with the judges, who had some tough questions in-store for the aspiring entrepreneurs. The judges grilled the finalists with business questions before their last deliberation. During their final discussions, the judges voiced some of their lingering concerns. Sandy still had some concerns about the production of Nomad Lane’s travel accessories, while Nick was still not convinced that Gift Jeenie was a product and not a feature – though they all seemed to agree that Vikram’s business was more investable in the long run.

Based on the show criteria, and the remarkable success of their crowdfunding campaign, ultimately, underdogs Kishore and Vanessa were declared the winners of “Break Through The Crowd.” Their victory came with some amazing perks, which will undoubtedly elevate Nomad Lane’s success. The show’s network, ZEE Americas, awarded Kishore and Vanessa with primetime ad space on all ZEE TV networks across 173 countries. The travel loving couple also won admission into ZEE America’s Subhash Chandra Foundation’s accelerator entrepreneur program, which will give them an opportunity to expand Nomad Lane’s customer base. And to ensure they meet their production demands, Kishore and Vanessa were also given admission access to financing from Biz2Credit.

Even though Kishore and Vanessa of Nomad Lane were declared the winners of “Break Through The Crowd’s” first season, it is safe to say that Vikram – and the previously eliminated entrepreneurs – did not walk away empty-handed. The invaluable lessons that they have learned over the course of the show have equipped all of the entrepreneurs with the tools to turn their business dreams into a reality and break through the crowd.

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