America's Smartest Family

America’s Smartest Family is a first of its kind quiz-based game show which features 16 families duking it out in an epic battle of wits! Audience will be thoroughly entertained by host, Zaid Ali, who brings his witty sense of humor to the show.

Break Through The Crowd

By tapping into the incredible power of crowdsourcing, the millennial generation has completely transformed how companies raise money. Entrepreneurs have raised over $6 billion via crowdsourcing sites in the past two years alone, and that number is growing at 25% per year.

Cine Shortz

Zee Cine shortz , hosted by Asra Asif, is a show that brings to our viewers the best and the brightest of up and coming filmmakers from around the world. The show is designed to be a platform for amazing films that embody the hallmarks of storytelling and creative expression. The selected short films come from all around the world and with it brings a diverse view point and an equally diverse way of telling local stories that have a global relevance.

Made In America

There’s more to beauty than just a pretty face. Have you ever wondered how contestants prepare to compete in an international pageant competition? Join former Miss America Nina Davuluri as she guides six young, south Asian women on a ten week journey to see who has what it takes to wear the crown.

Special Events

Special event coverage such as stand-up comedies, New York Couture Fashion Week, Film Festivals around the country, and a boot camp documentary for entrepreneurs who want to elevate their companies to the next level.

Those Who Made It

Join us as we follow the journeys of different Indian American Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists, and Celebrities to explore how they have been successful in their life and businesses. We’ll reveal the secrets to their success and also show the struggles and hardships they faced during the process of becoming successful.

Tomorrow's World

“Tomorrow’s World” Season 2 brings more promising tech innovations that will disrupt the world for a better and an easier way of living. This groundbreaking series takes you behind the scenes of some of the top startups in Silicon Valley that are taking 2018 by storm.