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There’s more to beauty than just a pretty face. Have you ever wondered how contestants prepare to compete in an international pageant competition? Join former Miss America Nina Davuluri as she guides six young, South Asian women on a ten-week journey to see who has
what it takes to wear the crown. Each week the competitors face a new set of challenges designed to test their confidence, talent and sense of style. Along the way, they gain new insights, forge lasting friendships, and discover hidden strengths they never knew they possessed. It all builds to the Grand Finale, where one girl will be crowned the winner of Made in America.

Meet The Cast

Aditi Jhota

Aditi has a passion for dance, theater, film, and art. In her spare time, she’s diligently working on a South Asian Beauty Campaign, with the goal of highlighting the beauty in all South Asian women around the world. She is also a strong supporter of Operation Smile, and a huge fan of “Harry Potter”, french fries, and puppies. Catch her changing the world on Made in America!

Ahana Sarkar

Ahana is a young professional based in the Bay Area. She holds two advanced degrees from the University of California Santa Barbara and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Ahana is passionate about the human connection, especially at large events such as music festivals. In her spare time she loves to play with her two cats, Pico and Mila, as well as travel, and go to the beach.

Ameena Sheriff

Growing up Ameena was a quiet child, but now that she’s experienced more of the world she’s come out of her shell! Ameena is Guyanese American and she is proud to say it. She’s excited to show off her Caribbean flare and share her food, music, and culture with the world. Catch her on the show with her bubbly, sweet, and quirky personality!

Harindee Perera

In this day and age, people are able to pursue many paths in life. Harindee is someone who has said yes to most or all the opportunities life has given her. Whether it was migrating from her island nation of Sri Lanka to the U.S., studying for a Bachelors Degree in engineering, or strutting the runway for various designers, she has said yes to all! Harindee believes that people shouldn’t be limited to only pursuing one thing at a given time.

Kanika Lal

Kanika began her love for entertainment journalism at The Hollywood Reporter as a digital news writer and red carpet correspondent. She had the honor of interviewing key players of the industry and even covered the 71st Annual Golden Globes. After a rewarding year, she took her skills a step closer to her passion – hosting.

Priyadarshini Roy

Priyadarshini is an actor, singer, dancer, model, writer and triple pageant queen. Her titles include: Miss India USA Miss Talented ’13, Miss India Southern CA ’12 just to name a few. Over the years she has been a contestant on American Idol, X Factor, The Voice, as well as SaReGaMaPa USA.

Behind The Scenes

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